The science plan of NHERI@UTexas is focused on three main challenges. These three main challenges are: (1) performing deeper, more accurate, higher resolution, 2D/3D subsurface geotechnical imaging, (2) characterizing the nonlinear dynamic response and liquefaction resistance of complex geomaterials in situ, and (3) developing rapid, in-situ methods for non-destructive structural evaluation and soil-foundation-structure interaction (SFSI) studies.  A list of: (1) ongoing NHERI projects, (2) completed NHERI projects, and (3) Shared-Use Projects before 2015 are listed below.

Ongoing NHERI Projects

Please contact project PI or NHERI@UTexas site manager for potential piggyback project opportunities.

  • Collaborative Research: 3D Ambient Noise Tomography (3D ANT) for Natural Hazards Engineering; PI: Khiem Tran (University of Florida)
  • Collaborative Research: Advancing the Development of Realistic and Probabilistic Shear Wave Velocity Profiles Using Advanced Inversion Strategies; PI: Clinton Wood (University of Arkansas)
  • Collaborative Research: Active and Passive Seismic Imaging of the Three-Dimensional Structure and Magma System beneath the Summit of Kilauea Volcano; PI: Guoqin Lin (University of Maimi), Roger Denlinger (USGS)

Completed NHERI Projects

Shared-Use Projects before 2015 (NEES Research Projects)

Geophysical Related Studies

In-Situ Liquefaction Related Studies

In-Situ Soil Nonlinear Property Related Studies

Reflection and refraction Related Studies

Soil-Foundation-Structure-Interaction Related Studies

Shear Wave Velocity Profiling Using Surface Wave Measurements Related Studies