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Sinkhole workshop

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Structure testing workshop, August 3-4, 2017

Slides from the workshop

Overview of NHERI@UTexas Equipment Facility Exciting - civil engineering Bridge test project overview Preliminary results from UT Team Preliminary results from Rutgers Team Overview of Global Structural Assessment Techniques

Recorded webinar Part 1

Recorded webinar Part 2

3D levee imaging in St. Louis, MO: Nov. 11, 2016

Slides from the workshop

Introduction: Welcome, participant self-introduction, workshop goals, basic introduction of NHERI@UTexas Background of the Melvin Price-Wood River Levee Problem Seepage Area Pseudo 2D Imaging of the Mel-Price Wood River Levee via MASW and Resistivity Tying Together Lab and Field Measurements of Vs and Resistivity for Levee Evaluation Full Waveform Inversion: The Garner Valley Case Study Experimental Setup

Python Jupyter Notebook for data processing and 3D visulization

3D model of the levee near St. Louis (Provided by Dr. Kevin Franke)

In-Situ Liquefaction Workshop: Thursday, June 23rd - Friday, June 24th

Slides from the workshop

cms_page_media/173/Cox_DPCH_NHERI In-Situ Liquefaction Workshop(6-23-2016).pdf cms_page_media/173/Cox_Sensor Layout_NHERI In-Situ Liquefaction Workshop(6-23-2016).pdf cms_page_media/173/NHERI at UTexas Intro_(23 June 2016)_videos.pdf cms_page_media/173/Stokoe_In Situ Liquefaction Test_NHERI In-Situ Liquefaction Workshop(_keGWijx.pdf cms_page_media/173/Stuedlein_Local Soils_NHERI In-Situ Liquefaction Workshop(6-23-2016).pdf

In-situ liquefaction test 

cms_page_media/173/NHERI Workshop Report_Draft 4.pdf

Data files (temporary)

Online Webinar: Tuesday, December 15th: 

Large Mobile Shakers for Natural Hazard Field Studies to Develop Resilient and Sustainable Infrastructure