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Structure testing workshop, August 3-4, 2017

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3D levee imaging in St. Louis, MO: Nov. 11, 2016

Slides from the workshop

Introduction: Welcome, participant self-introduction, workshop goals, basic introduction of NHERI@UTexas (8.9 MB)

Background of the Melvin Price-Wood River Levee Problem Seepage Area (8.3 MB)

Pseudo 2D Imaging of the Mel-Price Wood River Levee via MASW and Resistivity (4.7 MB)

Tying Together Lab and Field Measurements of Vs and Resistivity for Levee Evaluation (1.6 MB)

Full Waveform Inversion: The Garner Valley Case Study (8.7 MB)

Experimental Setup (36.6 KB)

Python Jupyter Notebook for data processing and 3D visulization (258.0 KB)

3D model of the levee near St. Louis (Provided by Dr. Kevin Franke)

In-Situ Liquefaction Workshop: Thursday, June 23rd - Friday, June 24th

Slides from the workshop

Cox_DPCH_NHERI In-Situ Liquefaction Workshop(6-23-2016).pdf (3.7 MB)

Cox_Sensor Layout_NHERI In-Situ Liquefaction Workshop(6-23-2016).pdf (310.5 KB)

NHERI at UTexas Intro_(23 June 2016)_videos.pdf (8.9 MB)

Stokoe_In Situ Liquefaction Test_NHERI In-Situ Liquefaction Workshop(_keGWijx.pdf (7.7 MB)

Stuedlein_Local Soils_NHERI In-Situ Liquefaction Workshop(6-23-2016).pdf (3.3 MB)

In-situ liquefaction test 

NHERI Workshop Report_Draft 4.pdf (827.6 KB)

Data files (temporary)

Online Webinar: Tuesday, December 15th: 

Large Mobile Shakers for Natural Hazard Field Studies to Develop Resilient and Sustainable Infrastructure (3.4 MB)